About Us

DOĞRU DÖKÜM Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd.Şti. , founded in 1992 carries out its production facilities in two different location at Kucuk balıklı and calı industry zone, in a total land of 5000 m2 with a closed area of 4500 m2 with a capacity of 4500 tons in one shift.

Dogru Dokum is one of the stell, iron and nodular iron casting foundries in Turkey. Since its establishment, Dogru Doküm is contrubuting to the development of Turkish Automotive industry with its improving quality, capacity and sucsess.

Up to 20 tons single piece both nodular and grey iron,up to 10 tons high and low alloy and plain carbon steels, wear resistance manganese steels, Ni- hard steels are succesfuly produced according to standards by experienced personnel. The process of quality assurance starts with the exact identification of customers needs andproceeds with close monitoring in every phase of theproduction and ends metalurgical final inspections.

The delivery of the products is carried out by the experienced personnel who do the final inspections in accordance with the technical demands, of the customer and quality standarts. After sales services and continuous comminication and cooperation with the customer help find immidiate solutions to problems. The main target of Doğru Döküm in every step, is the “customer satisfaction”